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Hi :-) My name is Zai a freelance photographer & tour guide based in London. Other than showing you the usual sights, I'll be pointing out what most might miss out whilst out admiring this beautiful and vibrant city. Be it where Charles Dickens frequented to have his meals to the smallest police station in London, I'll also throw in the finer art of photography and make your stay here even more memorable. I'll also be telling you the history of the places we visit and as to why certain places are called or named as they are today Having travelled and lived around the globe, I speak 5 different languages fluently i.e. English, Malay, Indonesian, German and Swiss German. I look forward to sharing this vibrant city with you

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December 2017

Zai and Paul are wonderful teachers during our photography lesson and tourist activity. They were both patient and knowledgeable about cameras plus the beautiful area. We would recommend th…