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Sophie is passionate about perfume, about scents, and their history. After a few years at L'Oréal, giant of cosmetics and perfume, she managed the Osmothèque, international archive of perfume. She developed training programs based on olfactory heritage for prestigious clients such as Chanel, Clarins, Coty and Dior, and established a partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.She continues her career with the Japanese fragrance creation company Takasago, as a perfume developer for Burberry, Carven and Lancel, among others. In 2017, she decides to launch a business, proposing workshops for the general public: fun, cultural and sensory, these workshops allow all the curious ones to learn more about the magic and mysterious world of perfume.

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May 2017

Sophie is a perfume expert. She has a lot of knowledges on that subject that she shares with pleasure. Her activity is suitable for women as much as for men. You can also consider taking yo…