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Bonjour, My name is Ramona, my friends call me Parisina due to my love for Paris. I have a diploma in tourism management, guide courses and courses of art and archaeology. I’m certified Tour Guide in France and a 'professional traveller'. I love my job, Paris, Rome, good food, to meet new people and to go to art galleries. It will be my pleasure to share my knowledge and passion with you and to show you around. I spend a lot of my free time in museums, to discover the stories behind the paintings and the life of the commissioners because that makes one understand the works of art. Every painting tells a story. Come to discover the stories and the city with me! «Guide-conférencier» Official Lecturer-guide, badge number N°GC/18/92/221/P, issued in France.

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October 2019

What an interesting tour to learn about some of the "secrets" Paris holds in plain sight. I really enjoyed some of the stories and learning about the hidden river among other things. I also…