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Barcelona born and raised, I have been involved into the chocolate world for the last ten years. My experience has led me across the globe while working for different chocolate projects. There, I spread the word about the culture of cacao in Europe, giving workshops, tastings, pairings, and even presentations in Japan. Being a “chocolate globetrotter” gave me a lot of insights and different perspective about this interesting world. Thanks to all that experience, and loving what I am doing, I decided to create Xocolatt to spread the word about the culture of cacao by giving workshops, tastings/pairings and tours in two of the most representative cities, Barcelona & Paris, through the amazing chocolate world in Europe.

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October 2017

I had a fantastic afternoon. I just loved everything from this tour: Nuria is a chocolate expert, the places we went to are hidden jewels and the chocolate we tried was a poem in my mouth. …