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Hi ! My name is Lisa, and I am the manager of the Edwart's workshop. As a trained chocolatier and teacher, I will be happy to welcome you into our world of chocolate. Edwart chocolates and products are known to be handmade and of excellent quality, and our classes follow the same standards. Join us for the best authentic chocolate workshops in Paris. Come share our passion for working with chocolate!

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June 2019

This was a wonderful experience for the whole family. My eight-year old granddaughter delighted in the experience from making the chocolate from scratch to decorating the finished products…

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April 2019

The best! Our teacher, Raamin, was informative and patient and expert and funny. We had a terrific time! My teenage grandson and I were blown away by the quality of the chocolates we made. …

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December 2017

This activity is such a great time ! First, you start by a chocolate tasting, and you directly understand that at Edwart, they don’t make only chocolate, but also they consider chocolate as…