Stockholm Archipelago Tours With Locals

Explore the Archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is a cluster of some 30.000 islands that begins just a few minutes away from the city of Stockholm. Join one of the locals on Triple to get a genuine experience to how Swedes enjoy their closeness to the water and their statutory freedom to roam.

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Archipelago for the active

Stockholm is built on several islands and the archipelago goes all the way into the city center where the sea meets the lake Mälaren. Let one of our locals show you the city center or explore the islands in a kayak, or combine some sightseeing with fishing.

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Walking Tours by the Sea

Stockholm is built on 14 different islands linked together with 17 bridges. Enjoy a stroll with a local and learn about the history of Stockholm and the connection that Swedes have to the water while enjoying the view and exploring the city.

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