Sigtuna: Sweden's oldest town

  • Guided walking tour of Sigtuna

  • Duration icon1.5h
    Participants icon2 - 10
    Offered in English, Russian, Swedish
  • Sigtuna: Sweden's oldest town

  • Guided walking tour of Sigtuna

  • Duration icon1.5h
    Participants icon2 - 10
    Offered in English, Russian, Swedish
  • Offered in English, Russian, Swedish
  • Meet your host, Julia A
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    Hi! My name is Julia. Born in Russia, I've become a passionate lover of Sweden and everything about and around it. That's why I've spent half of my life studying the Swedish mentality, traditions and history... At the moment I work with various projects, some of which involve teaching Swedish, guiding in Sweden, writing books about Sweden - and that's what I'd like to share with you: my knowledge of all the secrets I've discovered so far. What makes me so different from other guides? Well, here are some examples: - I've written 3 thick travel guides over Sweden, Stockholm and Scandinavia, all of them with tons of fascinating facts - I've been guiding in Sweden since 2000 - I create excursions for various travel agencies - I give lectures about Swedish mentality and customs

  • What you will see and do

    Have you ever wondered what the life of the people looked liked many ages ago? What did people do? What did they believe in? Legends and stories come alive in Sweden’s first and oldest town, Sigtuna, where our walk is going to take place.
    The year is 980. Sigtuna has just been founded, but the place is not totally empty. Nearby, people have been living since the Bronze age, but the traces of their activity are spread kilometers away from today’s town center. More evidence we have from the Iron age and the first years of Christianity in Sigtuna.

    Sigtuna is a very significant place in the Swedish history. Not only it is the oldest still existing town in the country. It was here that the very first christened king lived, and it was here that the very first coins in Sweden were minted. During our walking tour we’ll learn more about these events and even try to find the places where it all happened. We’ll also see the breath-taking ruins of once magnificent churches, and, most important of all, we’ll see the numerous runestones. Why were they raised? What did they mean for the people living here? And how many runestones are there in Sweden?

    Of course, our tour wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic walk along Sigtuna’s wonderful shore of lake Mälaren.

    In the summer period, we’ll also have the possibility to drop in at a typical middle-class home, where we’ll see what it was like to live as a shopkeeper in the late 18th century.

    To get to Sigtuna you need to take commuter rail (pendeltåg) 39 in the direction Märsta.
    Get off at Märsta (the final station) and take bus 570 or 575 going to Sigtuna (Hällsboskolan).
    Get off at Sigtuna busstation. I’ll be waiting for you there.
    The whole trip will take between 60 and 90 minutes and will cost 43 SEK if you buy it at the entrance to the station or in the ticket terminal.

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    The guided tour
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    The tickets you'll need to get to Sigtuna and back (43 SEK one way), gratitudes (optional)
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  • I'll pick you up at Sigtuna bus station

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