Stockholm Package Tour (3 Day)

  • 3 day package walking tour of Stockholm with a local guide.

  • Duration icon7.5 H
    Participants icon1 - 4
    Host speaks English , Russian , Swedish
  • Stockholm Package Tour (3 Day)

  • 3 day package walking tour of Stockholm with a local guide.

  • Duration icon7.5 H
    Participants icon1 - 4
    Host speaks English , Russian , Swedish
  • Host speaks English , Russian , Swedish
  • Meet your host,Julia A
    Photo of Julia A

    Hi! My name is Julia. Born in Russia, I've become a passionate lover of Sweden and everything about and around it. That's why I've spent half of my life studying the Swedish mentality, traditions and history... At the moment I work with various projects, some of which involve teaching Swedish, guiding in Sweden, writing books about Sweden - and that's what I'd like to share with you: my knowledge of all the secrets I've discovered so far. What makes me so different from other guides? Well, here are some examples: - I've written 3 thick travel guides over Sweden, Stockholm and Scandinavia, all of them with tons of fascinating facts - I've been guiding in Sweden since 2000 - I create excursions for travelers from all around the world. - I give lectures about Swedish mentality and customs

  • What you will see and do

    Are you coming to Stockholm for more than just one day and want to explore the most interesting places in the city? Then this tour is definitely for you!

    Note that you can combine these three tours in the way you like, for example, start with Södermalm to get the best view of Stockholm. You can also take two tours in the same day.

    Every tour may end with a coffee break at a café where we'll continue talking about the Swedishness, the Swedish way of life, history, mentality, traditions... well, whatever you want! Visiting a café will cost extra, count with around 20 Euro per group and café. The time spent at the café is counted to about 1 hour and is not included in the official tour time.

    Day 1: "The musts of the Old town and Riddarholmen". We start our day with a guided tour over the historical parts of Stockholm, namely its gorgeous Old town and the magnificent Riddarholmen. We'll explore the history of the city without full dates: we'll have a look at the narrowest street, touch the rune stone, meet Saint George and the Dragon and greet the smallest statue in the city.

    Then we'll proceed to Riddarholmen - the place that has seen goats, monks, and knights. We'll learn about the history of the city, how, where and why it all started. We'll hear about the oldest ghost and understand why this isle is known for KGB.

    The duration of the tour is about 2,5-3 hours.

    Day 2: This day is dedicated to exploring the secrets of Södermalm. The place is known for Stieg Larsson's "Millenium", second-hand boutiques and breath-taking views. We'll have a walk up and down, hear some stories about the street named after an executor, learn about witch-hunt in Sweden and see a real open air museum with the small wooden houses that have been standing in Södermalm for years.

    The duration of the tour is about 2,5-3 hours. Get ready for climbing up and down and, most important of all, don't forget your camera - this day will give you more great views than any other day spent in Stockholm!

    Day 3: During our third day we'll have a look at the most magnificent part of Stockholm: the modern Norrmalm and the fashionable Östermalm. We'll talk about the famous Stockholm syndrome, have a look at the impressive Hallwyl House, see a very special monument to Raoul Wallenberg, touch a warm statue, see the historical district with the (former) royal buildings and wind up with the most expensive residential area in Sweden.

    Duration: about 3 hours.

    So, what are you getting with me? Three days of sightseeing, interesting stories, walking and enjoying the fantastic views and the best places of Stockholm!

    PS Are you a group of more than 4 persons? Please contact me then.

  • Included iconWhat's included

    3 walking tours in various parts of Stockholm during 2-3 days (up to you), the duration of each one is about 2,5-3 hours
  • Not included iconWhat's not included

    Possible visit to a café
  • Policy iconCancellation policy

  • I'll be waiting for you outside the Royal opera

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