Experience Barcelona with local hosts

Explore the local side from a bike saddle

Feel the wind in your hair and the warm sun on your face as you bike through the streets of Barcelona! The quickest way to discover city. Gaudi, Plaça Catalunya, the beach, Montjuïc and so much more is yours to explore, with that special local Triple touch.

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Create something

Try something you have never done before or dive deeper into your passion. Barcelona has a vast history of important artistic and cultural hub. Whether it’s painting your own work of art, sketching the scenery of the city or preserving your trip with a photo, Barcelona is the place to do it! Let your creativity flow with the help of local enthusiasts.

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Eat local food

Spain is a dream destination for foodies and the cuisine is so varied from region to region. In Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya, you have the chance to discover all sorts of local must-eat foods to indulge in, many of which date back to hundreds of years. Nibble on tapas, learn how to make a genuine paella or taste the local wines, all with your new local friend.

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