Getting off the beaten path

Triple is a marketplace for social traveling where anyone can host experiences for travelers.

Why we started Triple

We are all passionate travelers and explorers and one thing we all have in common is that our best travel experiences have all been while hanging with locals, learning about their favorite spots, passion or discussing culture differences.

As we talked about this with more and more people we realized there’s a lot of people like us - who are struggling to get past the tourist traps with Hop'On Hop'Off busses and inpersonal tour guide groups

We started Triple to connect curious travelers with passionate local hosts.

Being a Triple host
Show travelers what you are passionate about. Show your hidden city gems. Show things not covered in guide books, regular travel sites, or by tour agencies.

Booking your travel experience with Triple
Experience your destination as a local. Avoid the tourist traps. Find experiences based on country, city, price range and more.

The Dream Team

Sebastian Björkelid, Co-founder
Sebastian Björkelid
Co-founder & Head of product
Joakim Grönvall, Co-founder
Joakim Grönvall
Co-founder & CEO
Petri Määttä, Co-founder
Petri Määttä
Co-founder & Creative Director
Rebecka Wiklund, Community manager
Rebecka Wiklund
Community manager
Georgina Varadi, Chief Communication Officer
Georgina Varadi
Chief Communication Officer
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